18 11, 2016

CoachTube Instructional Coaching Videos

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I found CoachTube online today and I have to say it is an awesome website. Think of it as Youtube for sports coaches and players or student athletes.  I am most specifically interested in how CoachTube relates to basketball. Click here to learn more: Coachtube.com/Basketball

There are videos on Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track and Field, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Softball plus 20 other sports and categories.

If you live anywhere in the world and have an internet connection,  you can be taught how to play or coach by some of the best Coaches in the World!! This is truly an amazing idea and it is fairly cheap too.

If we just look at Basketball alone on CoachTube there are so many categories. There are ball-handling, drills, youth coaching, Defense, E-books, Shooting, Strategy, Women’s specific and Youth Basketball.

I can’t wait to buy a few of the titles and get learning myself. As a Coach I am never satisfied with my knowledge base. All of the best Coaches are always learning and striving to be better.

The best thing about CoachTube is that these are not just simple videos but rather complete Courses on the subject matter. If you have ever heard of the Khan Academy for academics, this kind of reminds me of that.

A few Specific examples

Let’s say you are a big fan of Michigan State’s Tom Izzo. You can learn straight from the man himself. He is a great coach and he’ll guide you through Defense and Rebounding lessons.

Coachtube and Tom Izzo

How about a Coaching Legend,the late Pat Summit. She was a phenomenal Coach. Her series is all about Coaching Women’s Basketball.

Pat Summitt and Coachtube

Another Coach who has numerous videos on CoachTube is my friend Lason Perkins. I would definitely check out what he has to offer. He does lots of stuff with European and International Basketball. Lason was also a guest on an Online Basketball Clinic we did a few years back at our Online basketball Clinics website.

That’s about all for now.  I will share more news about CoachTube in the next few days.

15 10, 2016

International Sports Technology Association

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Notes from ISTA: Global Sports Technology Association

David Geddes
Founder, Partner, & Executive
Hello ISTA LinkedIn Group & Friends,

We just wanted a minute to tell you about our first meeting next year. ISTA is seeking league officials, federation coaches, and olympic technologists who want to support our international tech community. If you have not subscribed or requested your free membership, we cannot send you an invite. Only registered members will receive an invitation. If you are interested in finding more info about this meeting, we encourage you to register here: https://istassociation.wildapricot.org/

Also, why not sign up for free membership? You will be automatically entered to win a special offer from Dartfish www.dartfish.com Dartfish is one of our first partners. A neat offer to help motivate you!

Our membership drive is going well, we need a few more of you to show your support by subscribing – free membership and free newsletter. No credit card, really, it is “F-R-E-E”. Members make a profile, see others, and post in forums. We’re going to add features as the community grows.

Finally, If your technology business wants to work with ISTA, send us an email info@istassociation.com Thank you and Have a good night from Atlanta!

Regards, Victor, Tino, and David.

21 09, 2016

Sideline Sports XPS Software and Video Analyzer

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SidelineSports Professional Sports software is aimed to help make you a better coach. It can give you the ability to put plays into video format, animated format or simple diagrams. It can store all your drills and also comes with pre-packaged new drills as well as video to go along with the drills. It makes putting together your practice plans on a daily basis effective and easy to store. Best of all it is extremely affordable.

Whether you are a beginning coach or a veteran coach this program will help you become much better at what you do. I can guarantee that if you take the time to watch the tutorials you will easily learn how to operate the XPS system.

Go to www.sidelinesports.com for your free trial offer. If after that time period you want to buy the program you can get a discount off the $115 price. You can get it for $89 by putting the code: HAM11 if you would like to order after your free trial offer.

Sideline Sports has a great support system to answer all your questions. Don’t wait and let your competition get ahead of you go now to www.sidelinesports.com now and check XPS NETWORK system.

If you are a fitness participant, athlete or a client of a therapist, sign up for your free trial here:
Sideline Sports Client

If you are a trainer, coach, teacher or a therapist, sign up for your free trial here:
Sideline Sports Trainer

Sideline Sports software

Once you enter the program and you are looking for the Basketball Animation and Diagramming tool just make sure to look for
the “Playbook” on the top Navigation bar.

Software features:

Create Practice Plans
Create Workouts
1500 multi media drills
1500 multimedia exercises
Practice and workout statistics
Connect to your coaches and players
Create your own drills
Create exercises
Playbook, scouting reports
Share playbook and other multimedia files with your players and coaches.
Take Attendance
Record test and general information

Official coaching software of FIBA:

GENEVA (Coaches) – The International Basketball Federation FIBA has signed an agreement with the professional sports software provider SIDELINESPORTS to become the FIBA official coaching software. This was announced by both parties today.   Sideline Sports has developed comprehensive computer software designed specifically to help coaches with organization, communication and analysis of their practice sessions and games.

The agreement foresees the delivery free of charge of the main product “Sideline Organizer Standard” to all FIBA approved coaches. In addition, every coach will receive a “Sideline Viewer”, a software where players can view instructional or feedback material, containing text, images, diagrams, animations and video. The “Sideline Viewer” will include video sequences from all the drills of the FIBA book “Basketball for Young Players”.

For a detailed description of all the features of the Sideline Sports products please go to www.sidelinesports.com

The FIBA approved coaches will receive the software package once they have registered with FIBA through their national federations. The registration process is regulated in the new FIBA Coaches Regulations, which can be downloaded here. The application form for FIBA approved coaches will be sent to the national federations soon.

“This agreement is a further step for FIBA in assisting the improvement of the coaching level worldwide”, said FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann. “Today’s players are increasingly ‘tech-savvy’. The school classroom is changing. Players expect to view teaching material in digital format. It may seem a giant leap, but the most important thing is that the material and media focus on the student rather than on the teacher.”

“We are very proud to partner up with the world governing body of basketball and its 212 member countries worldwide,” said Head of Development of Sideline Sports Bryniar Karl. “We are very confident that with our products we can contribute on large scale to the promotion and teaching of basketball at all levels. Our agreement will give access to state of the art educational material to a large number of coaches around the world. We combine the book, the video and the computer.”

21 09, 2016


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Statspod 1

statspod 2

I guess you might be asking what the heck is a StatsPod?

What is StatsPod?

A cutting edge, portable voice activated statistics and code entry system. This next generation of statistics data entry uses voice recognition technology. Current stats and video systems are confined to keyboard, mouse or touch screen entry – all of which require the statistician to take their eyes off the game to enter events.

This product can be configured to work for any sport – team or individual – where you wish to log events during performance.

It is a world first and has the potential to revolutionise the way statistics and actions are recorded at sporting events.

How does it work?

Designed to operate in noisy, loud environments such as a basketball or football stadium or a swimming centre. Statistics are defined from a pre-set vocabulary relevant to your sport. Participant involvements, raw statistical events, set plays, strategic events – in fact you can make up you own codes if you wish !

PC based application that is designed to run on the latest ultra-portable computers and a version is scheduled for the new generation Pocket PC’s.

Using the latest in noise eliminating headset/microphones to minimise external noise, StatsPod allows for a high level of accuracy and an audio is optionally available for auditing and verification so there is no uncertainty.

statspod 3

How can I use the data?

The data logged can be sent via cable or wirelessly transmitted to the StatsHost where all data can be automatically uploaded and audited for real-time database updating. Text and audio files of all voice entry can also be saved with the stats data for further analysis or review.

There is no real limit to the number of units that can be primed at a single even and all data can be consolidated by the StatsHost.

Alternatively StatsPod is also capable of operating in a remote, stand-alone mode and the data can be processed in a batch mode when the StatsPod and StatsHost are synchronized at a later time.

All data entered is timecoded to allow easy video referencing of the logged events with your digital video analysis system such as DV Coach – which is the most important aspect of the technology.

This technolgy will be a major boon for recruiting and forward scouting purposes as there is currently no convenient or efficient recording scouting information on the road, remotely.

System and Operational Requirements

Designed to be compact, reliable, convenient and relatively cost effective.

Module is totally portable, has extended battery life and operates wirelessly to transmit stats & codes to a location on the host system.

The Hardware

Fully portable, light and compact, Pocket pouch that can be easilyattached to belt

Ability to “dock” to host system wirelessly or via USB cable

Fast process to ensure audio logging is most efficient

USB Flash Card (Memory card) to store/backup audio files

Secure, reliable wireless operation for communication to host/server

Uses top quality noise eliminating microphones

Robust and waterproof to allow operation in extreme conditions

Able to operate effectively in extreme noisy environments, namely sporting stadiums

The Software

Client Module

Option to re-connect and post missed transactions

Integrated noise exclusion software

Integrated Speech to Text module

Create the Speech stats text file locally and/or in nominated host/server folder

Concurrent recording of the source audio for backup/future reference

Logged words and phrases recorded into the text file

On-line or off-line mode

Operational modes will be – Local, LAN or WAN

StatsHost – Server/Host Module

Windows XP Platform

Utility to import and update time coded transactions into main database, Keyword validation for limited text logging

All textual transactions and codes to have time code (date/time stamp)

StatsPod configuration utility

Ability to accept stats feeds from multiple devices

Back-end utilities to search for statistical keywords and update into the back-office database
statspod 4
The StatsPod & StatsHost Process/Protocol

Observers would be located around the venue as required. Each observer would be equipped with a StatsPod and would have their designated events/statistics to record

Each statistician “commissions” the unit for use either locally or wirelessly connected to the StatsHost. Each unit will be allocated a unique Pod User id

StatsHost utility is initiated at a polling interval as required dependant on how often stats updating is required

On game commencement, each StatsPod would start audio recording, initiated by the statistician

As the game events occur, statistician commentates the event in a regimented fashion

The statistician’s audio is automatically recorded & the commentary is converted to text locally and validated

If the Unit is on-line, then converted text is then “posted” to the location on StatsHost server

If the Unit is off-line, then converted text is simply stored locally for future updating in batch mode.

The StatsHost systematically scans the StatsPod files for changes If there are any updates in the time coded text data, the StatsHost will validate and update the main database with the statistics

The final comment from the statistician should indicate end of game (eg. “End game”)

At any stage, as required, the StatsPod audio file may be opened or copied and a keyword search of the audio file may be performed

The re-import of StatsPod Audio events can be done at any stage in a batch if any unit has been off-line

StatsPod Website & Server Application

A secured website will optionally provide a cost-effective and central vehicle for the transmitted data in a secured process into a database. The StatsPod Client would post the textual results to the clients registered location on the website. Results may then downloaded by the registered client as required.

If preferable registered client may also be online to receive real-time stream of data.. An application management utility will allow clients to setup and maintain profiles, data, etc

Always Remember-
Hoop Hype is Contagious-Don’t Forget Your Shot!

21 09, 2016

DV Coach Sports Video EditingAnalysis System

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DV Coach Sports Video EditingAnalysis System

DV Coach is the latest digital video and statistics package from ProWess Sports from Australia and Planet Hoops is proud to be a distributor for this excellent product.

This software is recognized as being a world leader in the field of sports analysis. From professional and elite teams, colleges and even high school level teams,
Digital Video Coach can be tailored to meet your needs.

Click on the following to go to Prowess of Australia, the Pioneers in Digital Video Technology: Prowess Australia Main Page

All coaches have long recognized the value of video analysis and statistics as important coaching tools. DV Coach provides both of these features. At the game data entry and statistical reporting facilities provide coaches with instant access to statistical information at any time during a game.

After the game, the DV Coach video editing features allow a coach to sort and review the game video nearly instantly, without any of the time consuming rewinding or fast-forwarding of video tape.

Click Here for DV Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here for detailed information on Digital Video Coach XP or Vista for basketball Click here for our Flash Video Introduction


ProWess Sports have been providing statistical and video analysis solutions to Elite and Professional sporting team since 1987 (mainly in Australia and Europe). We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in this market and some new concepts and innovative ideas that are sure to take your sport to another level.

We expect Statsmaster/DV Coach to set new standards in game analysis with our fully integrated statistics and video editing system. Our unique and pioneering digital solution offers instant and selective access to any event with the ability to group video clips and analyse on a range of parameters (e.g. shots attempted and made, rebounds, fouls – in fact anything), as well as the ability to build motivational “highlight clips” for the team and individual players.

Professional teams around the world have taken advantage of what Statsmaster/DV Coach offers in analysis and preparation for the teams in the area of statistical analysis and integrated video processing.

System Overview

Statsmaster/DV Coach is a suite of software modules that provide an efficient and accurate method of collecting qualitative and quantitative statistical data.

It has revolutionized game analysis by streamlining the traditionally time-intensive video cutup process for self and opponent scouting.

These statistics data are stored in a modular, well-organised database, which can be distributed quickly and reliably to any number of access points for inquiry.

The statistical data can be reported and presented in any number of ways, depending on your preferences. Each recorded event is timecoded, which is instantly linked to the video footage In simple terms, the Statsmaster/DV Coach system :

* Uses a range of entry methods to collect statistical data live (at-match) or back-office.

* Directly updates this statistical information into a secured, flexible database.

* Automatically collates the totals by player, team and statistic for instant feedback.

* Links this statistical data to the video timecodes for immediate referencing of the events visually.

* Utilises the latest video technology to provide an efficient and reliable means of processing the video footage using a range of methods being :

1. CD-ROM (MPEG-1)
2. High quality digital (MPEG-2 or AVI)
3. Or, traditional analogue (linear)

* DV Coach provides a range of powerful and flexible statistical reports that can customized for the specific requirements.

* DV Coach provides a number of options to further enhance the presentation of the statistics and video, such as report writers, titling/graphics modules,etc.

* DV Coach ensures the user flexibility to adjust the system to suit specific purposes, whether it is in the office, at the venue or on the road.

Features and Benefits

Statsmaster/DV Coach has the capability of revolutionizing the way you team will approach the game in preparation, decision-making and post-game analysis.

In essence, you can expect the system to provide the following advantages to your team :

* DV Coach will improve the quality of statistical feedback at all levels

* DV Coach provides this data in a prompt and efficient method for usage

* DV Coach automatically links this statistical data to the video footage

* DV Coach allows your support staff to collect and report data that previously was too difficult to do manually

* DV Coach allows your coaching staff to dedicate more time in other important areas

* DV Coach provides specific feedback to your players to help improve their weaknesses

* DV Coach allows you to easily spot opposition strengths and weaknesses in preparation for upcoming matches

* DV Coach can quickly identify trends and patterns of play from the statistical analysis

* DV Coach provides convenient access to a central bureau which will save time in analysing the opposition

* DV Coach provides a system to automatically collect and record your own interpretations and methodologies.

Traditional (Linear) or Digital

To date, video footage has been primarily stored on analogue video tape using VHS format.
Recent advances in technology have allowed this footage to be “digitised” and stored on a disk.

The advantages of using digital format are obvious, namely:

* Instant replays (no fast-forward/rewind, etc)

* Improved picture quality (from VHS up to broadcast)

* No degradation in quality when copied

* Life of the computer disk

* Storage is more convenient

* The ease of copying a file

* Savings in processing time is dramatic (at least 50%)

* Slow-Mo and freeze frames are excellent

The considerations are that not everyone is in a position to use this technology, however this is slowly changing.
Nearly all households and offices still use traditional video tape and most service providers and libraries still distribute their footage on VHS tape.

Digital format is normally AVI (DV), MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 and stored either on the hard disk, CD-ROM or DVD.

Consider these Advantages

Fully Integrated Stats & Video

with every logged statistics link to the video clip and available on demand at any time.

Desktop or Portable options

Allows you to choose when and where you need to use whether it be at back-office, home, courtside or at training sessions.

Flexibility & Modularity

Because all coaches have different methodologies, we have ensured to provide a module and flexible solution to suit every coach’s special requirements


DV Coach supports a unique and exclusive interface to the world leading CyberSports program. Any compatible game file can be imported and used for analysis and video editing instantly!

Choose your AV options to suit

MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, S-VHS, Beta cam – you name it we can provide a system that will give you

Sophisticated Editing Options

You play events at your own specified parameters or you can use our pre/post play method to save time. We are the only company to boast an “intelligent editing” Option

Cost Effective Solutions

Statsmaster/DV Coach provides unrivalled value for money compared to it’s competitors and gives you excellent “bang for bucks”

Networking Options

Gives you the power to use the system throughout all your departments and share the valuable statistical data and video footage as required

Whole Season Online

If you wish you can have the whole season on-line and accessible with statistics and video footage

Player Season Highlight Clips

You can easily create and retain player highlights that can reviewed by coaches and players at any stage

Sophisticated Reports

With CyberSports, there are a range of comprehensive reports that will suit most coaches and strategists, however with Statsmaster/DV Coach’s own report designer you are not restricted and you can design custom reports to suit your needs!

Unrivalled Video Control

All functions you would expect with digital editing such as instant go-tos, frame by frame, Slo-mo, fast shuttle, reverse and more !!!!!

Security and Integrity

Assured and is an important consideration for this sensitive data that will give your team a winning edge

Remote Transfer Options

Allow you to send secured statistical data over the internet

Flexible Entry Options

Mouse, touch screen, special keyboard or voice recognition for entering stats for your convenience and to suit your purposes.

Features, Functions and Hi-lights

Pre-Game Preparation

* View prior games and scout oppositions strength & weaknesses

* Create your own player highlights footage

* Cross-reference statistics to video to pin-point team strategies

* Create edits for practice and individual workouts

* Create opponent highlight tapes to give to your players to study

* Use the voice dubbing function to put your own coaches comments on the footage

* Print player/team report cards & head to head edge reports

* Quickly and easily prepare video highlights packages for team meetings

* Prepare motivational highlight video footage with special effects

At Game Usage (CyberSports/Statsmaster/DV Coach Combo)

* Instant game stats: One game, series, or season

* Match & Media Analysis Reports

* Replay highlights at any stage of logged events

* Record you own set plays that can be linked to replay footage at any stage (eg. during breaks). This can include success/failure indicators of each set play.

* Record your opponents set plays and strategies

* Program your own team rules or “coaching comments” for reference for Post Game

Opposition Scouting

* Prepare opponent highlights over multiple games

* Prepare scouting reports detailing player and team strengths and weaknesses

* Establish patterns of play and trends with video referencing for instant verification

* Prepare for every offensive set, defensive scheme and play call

* Create daily practice video based on opponent tendencies

* Player Development

* Evaluate team and individual players

* Use coach’s voice to guide players through the video edit

* Create customized player programs

* Set goals and revise on regular basis

* Create pre-season training videos and digital playbooks

* Keep the season on-line for the players to review

Talent Identification

* Develop seasonal recruiting videos

* Use CyberSports game files from any source to import other stats

* Keep a progressive report card on potential recruits

DV Coach Handheld-PDA

ProWess is leading the way in using handheld technology with a unique scouting tool that will revolutionize the way events are logged for statistics and video editing.

Using the latest developments in WAP technology, coaches and scouts can use a convenient and cost effective method of event logging.

Expect to hear about this fantastic new concept in soon.

Configurations and Screenshots

At-Game Electronic Scoresheet

This can be used for Live Logging as the match is in progress to record the statistical events directly into the DV Coach database using the specially configured custom keyboard, mouse entry or Voice Recognition entry.

The system has a number of innovative features such as ball-tracking, built in “smarts” to make entry easier.

As you enter the data, transactions are created and they are automatically timecoded for instant video referencing and recall.

* Ball tracking or player tracking

* Play by play timecoded transactions recorded as you log statistics

* Configurable buttons or you can use a custom keyboard

* Video capture/display as you go

The Desktop and Laptop Solution

Video can be replayed through traditional video monitors or through your computer screen. This is the Traditional Back-Office environment using desktop or notebook PCs.

On screen video control allows you to easily move around the video footage and replay events at a touch of a button.

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