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Please visit our Partner Sites often as they are a tremendous resource for the basketball fan and student of the game.®® is one of the largest non-commercial basketball statistics analysis group websites in the world, and needs your help. All our sites, ~ ~ ~ &, has been built as a Basketball in general and Statistics in particular labor of love, but the cost of providing a web server, keeping connected to the Internet, as well as the software costs and other expenses of keeping a large web site up and running, are significant.


Athletic Scholarships
Don’t Just Happen

A Parent Rarely Knows…
how to get their son or daughter an athletic scholarship to help pay for college. In fact, very few high school coaches even know enough to help a great college-bound athlete get recruited – beyond pointing them out to a few college coaches they personally know. Athletes who should have been recruited graduate … unrecruited.

You Can Be An Exception.
Find out how college athletic recruiting really works. You can learn the secrets to getting recruited from Jon Fugler & Ron Johnston, co-Authors of The Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System. They’ll show you how to run your own campaign using their step-by-step recruiting system – for a fraction of the cost of a recruiting service or consultant.

We’ve partnered with Recruit-Me to bring this information to you.


Way and Path
“If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.” Simple words but you’ve ever been injured or sick these words ring strong and true. is a site dedicated to keeping you in the game. We’ll do this as I share my journey as an aging athlete and ask the experts to share their knowledge and experience. We’ll research the products, idea’s and hopefully this will help you along.

Way and Path





“Swish” by Tom Nordland
Simply The Best Shooting Video/DVD on the Market today! Click here to read my personal testimonial.

The Sandringham Sabres
A great basketball club where I once worked in Melbourne, Australia. Former Club of NBA 1st overall pick, Andrew Bogut.

Eberhardt Basketball
Doug Eberhardt, a friend of mine for over 25 years, runs this site. It is full of interesting tales from the NBA and offers fresh and unique insights from the world of basketball.

Cybersports USA
Coach Ernie Woods and Coach Bob Kloppenburg have put together some tremendous basketball information at the Cybersports/Hoop Tactics site. Cybersports is actually the BEST Basketball Statistics program I have ever seen. It is easy to learn and easy to use. It has Webcast capabilities and also generates so many Reports you can never use them all.

Hoop Tactics
Hoop Tactics is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the game of basketball. There you will find information on Most Commonly used offenses, S.O.S. Pressure Defense, Early Offense, Special Situations, Player Tips, Scouting for Success, Out of Bounds situations and much, much more. Please do go check them out.

I found a great coaching site here at Coach I think you will like it. Some great resources, such as:
*Coaching Tips
*Guest Articles
*Popular Links
Check it out

Get a comprehensive 152 page eBook loaded with 72 proven basketball drills, absolutely FREE! also offers lots of useful articles and tips to help build a winning basketball team.

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