18 11, 2016

CoachTube Instructional Coaching Videos

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I found CoachTube online today and I have to say it is an awesome website. Think of it as Youtube for sports coaches and players or student athletes.  I am most specifically interested in how CoachTube relates to basketball. Click here to learn more: Coachtube.com/Basketball

There are videos on Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track and Field, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Softball plus 20 other sports and categories.

If you live anywhere in the world and have an internet connection,  you can be taught how to play or coach by some of the best Coaches in the World!! This is truly an amazing idea and it is fairly cheap too.

If we just look at Basketball alone on CoachTube there are so many categories. There are ball-handling, drills, youth coaching, Defense, E-books, Shooting, Strategy, Women’s specific and Youth Basketball.

I can’t wait to buy a few of the titles and get learning myself. As a Coach I am never satisfied with my knowledge base. All of the best Coaches are always learning and striving to be better.

The best thing about CoachTube is that these are not just simple videos but rather complete Courses on the subject matter. If you have ever heard of the Khan Academy for academics, this kind of reminds me of that.

A few Specific examples

Let’s say you are a big fan of Michigan State’s Tom Izzo. You can learn straight from the man himself. He is a great coach and he’ll guide you through Defense and Rebounding lessons.

Coachtube and Tom Izzo

How about a Coaching Legend,the late Pat Summit. She was a phenomenal Coach. Her series is all about Coaching Women’s Basketball.

Pat Summitt and Coachtube

Another Coach who has numerous videos on CoachTube is my friend Lason Perkins. I would definitely check out what he has to offer. He does lots of stuff with European and International Basketball. Lason was also a guest on an Online Basketball Clinic we did a few years back at our Online basketball Clinics website.

That’s about all for now.  I will share more news about CoachTube in the next few days.

15 10, 2016

International Sports Technology Association

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Notes from ISTA: Global Sports Technology Association

David Geddes
Founder, Partner, & Executive
Hello ISTA LinkedIn Group & Friends,

We just wanted a minute to tell you about our first meeting next year. ISTA is seeking league officials, federation coaches, and olympic technologists who want to support our international tech community. If you have not subscribed or requested your free membership, we cannot send you an invite. Only registered members will receive an invitation. If you are interested in finding more info about this meeting, we encourage you to register here: https://istassociation.wildapricot.org/

Also, why not sign up for free membership? You will be automatically entered to win a special offer from Dartfish www.dartfish.com Dartfish is one of our first partners. A neat offer to help motivate you!

Our membership drive is going well, we need a few more of you to show your support by subscribing – free membership and free newsletter. No credit card, really, it is “F-R-E-E”. Members make a profile, see others, and post in forums. We’re going to add features as the community grows.

Finally, If your technology business wants to work with ISTA, send us an email info@istassociation.com Thank you and Have a good night from Atlanta!

Regards, Victor, Tino, and David.

22 09, 2016

PV Sports Classic

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Planet Hoops founders will be at the 14th Annual Sidral Aga PV Sports Classic from May 7th until May 14th. If you are in town please stop by the Basketball event and come and say hi. We would love to talk with you.

We will also be filming tons of Sports action in P.V. at the PV Sports Classic so maybe you can get in one of our videos.

Bask in the sun and enjoy having fun Puerto Vallarta activities like a basketball game with your loved ones.

Planet Hoops will also be making a special memento for all athletes this year. A professionally produced Hi-light DVDwill be for sale this year for the first time ever at the PV Sports Classic.

2004 PV Sports Classic Promo

Puerto Vallarta Sports Classic Promo Video from Planethoops on Vimeo.

Please see the order form below.

Place: Hotel Sheraton Resort and Towers.

Events: Basketball (16 team men’s open): Former / active Olympic / professional / semi-professional and recreational players from Canada, USA and Mexico.

Among other competitions are: (1km, 5km & 10km) (5) KM. Fun Run and a Master’s (over 45 years old) basketball division, Aerobics Marathon, tennis (all levels), (110) youth soccer teams, 100+ participants in disc golf.

More than 2,000 participants in seven sports. Open to the public to participate or simply enjoy the events. Welcome cocktail approx. (800) persons:

Hosted by Municipality of Vallarta, Jalisco Secretary of Tourism.

Background: Last year’s 13th Annual Sports Classic drew more than 1,500 participants, as well as their friends and families. (This year we anticipate over 2,000 persons).

The five days of competitions included a new children’s basketball division, ages 13 to 16. The men’s division saw lots of NBA stars and International star players, including Jerome Kersey, Jeff Moore, Berry Randle and Greg Wiltjer. Ron Putzi, Karl Tillleman, Lars Hansen, Dan Meagher, Bob Hieltjes, numerous Mexican National team players and the Univ. of British Columbia to the list of NBA and international basketball stars that have participated in the PV Sports Classic event.

Tennis, aerobics, spin bike, soccer, softball and a 5K marathon rounded out the menu.

Social events nightly: Carlos O’Brian’s and The Zoo club.

2007 Highlights Video

Puerto Vallarta Sports Classic from Planethoops on Vimeo.

Information: Sheraton Buganvilias resort: (322) 226 04 04 ext. 6038 – Attn: Verónica Alarcón, Event Coordinator.

22 09, 2016

Eurobasket Video

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Welcome to our Eurobasket Video page!

On your visit here you will find Videos and profiles of the top European Basketball prospects on Planet Hoops. This is a page which we will constantly be upgrading and updating.

In the past we had a partnership with Proplayer Video and Eurobasket.com to bring you Basketball video from around Europe. This is a great project that we are really proud of.

Unfortunately that did not work out but we are still very interested in Eurpean Basketball and we would love for you to share your favourite games.

The basketball being played in Europe is getting better and better all the time and is actually very close in caliber to the N.B.A. in our opinion.

21 09, 2016

Basketball Fights

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Let me first say that I am not in favor of basketball fights. Fighting in general is bad but sometimes in sports players tempers flare and then a fight ensues.

Here below we have some basketball fighting video just to show you what they look like and provide you with some entertainment.

While basketball is not known for its fighting like, say hockey, history has witnessed some entertaining, comical and even vicious fights.

How does it happen?

Like any heated battle, competitors are prone to lose all sanity and resort to basic instincts of lashing out on someone they feel have “done them wrong”. As history has proved, fights are not restricted to a certain type of player, team, league or even gender. Fights can occur at any moment and when they do…it certainly is a shocker that will analyze, scrutinized and possibly punished for years.

Which brings us to the Mecca of basketball fights – November 19, 2004, colloquially known as “The Malice at the Palace”, Ron Artest charges the audience and attacks a couple of fans after he’s doused with a beer. A riot-like situation ensues and the result is nine players suspended for a collective total of 146 games.

What surprised (and scared) the general basketball public about “The Malice at the Palace” was not that it was the first major NBA basketball fight but that it involved fans fighting players and vice versa.

In 2006, a hard foul by New York Knick Mardy Collins led to a brawl with the Nuggets in what was the second most penalized NBA brawl (in terms of games). Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony alone missed 15 games.

Need a laugh? Jeff Van Gundy certainly represents the PUNCH in the line. The notorious NBA coach turned commentator was only trying to detour Marcus Camby from a bad situation when the center swung for Danny Ferry and clocked Van Gundy instead. No word if Camby had to run an extra few laps in the practice the next day.

As history will prove, when two national teams meet there may be religious, political or cultural animosity that stretches way beyond the court. Case in point: an infamous brawl between the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait national teams. Although in this particular instance, it was a ref, and not a player who was the primary victim.

Brittney Griner may be remembered as one of the greatest college basketball players of all-time; however her legacy is slightly tainted ever since a frustrated Griner clocked an opponent. The situation proved two things – it’s usually the person who reacts (and not the instigator) that gets caught and girl’s can fight too.

While some of the fights listed above were rather harmless shoving matches, missed punches or in Van Gundy’s case slightly comical, a game out in Uruguay reminds us that fights are still no laughing matter. Frustrated with what Elvis Bolling perceived as a bad call, the player unloaded on an official with one punch that left the ref unconscious in a coma for hours and eventually led to losing one eye. While Bolling certainly never intended to injure the ref to that degree was banned from basketball for life.

Although this is only a short recap of some of the most infamous basketball fights, classic brawls involving Larry Bird, the Miami Heat/New York Knicks rivalry, Kobe vs. Reggie Miller and many others remind us that fighting, yes even in basketball does happen.

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