18 11, 2016

CoachTube Instructional Coaching Videos

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I found CoachTube online today and I have to say it is an awesome website. Think of it as Youtube for sports coaches and players or student athletes.  I am most specifically interested in how CoachTube relates to basketball. Click here to learn more: Coachtube.com/Basketball

There are videos on Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track and Field, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Softball plus 20 other sports and categories.

If you live anywhere in the world and have an internet connection,  you can be taught how to play or coach by some of the best Coaches in the World!! This is truly an amazing idea and it is fairly cheap too.

If we just look at Basketball alone on CoachTube there are so many categories. There are ball-handling, drills, youth coaching, Defense, E-books, Shooting, Strategy, Women’s specific and Youth Basketball.

I can’t wait to buy a few of the titles and get learning myself. As a Coach I am never satisfied with my knowledge base. All of the best Coaches are always learning and striving to be better.

The best thing about CoachTube is that these are not just simple videos but rather complete Courses on the subject matter. If you have ever heard of the Khan Academy for academics, this kind of reminds me of that.

A few Specific examples

Let’s say you are a big fan of Michigan State’s Tom Izzo. You can learn straight from the man himself. He is a great coach and he’ll guide you through Defense and Rebounding lessons.

Coachtube and Tom Izzo

How about a Coaching Legend,the late Pat Summit. She was a phenomenal Coach. Her series is all about Coaching Women’s Basketball.

Pat Summitt and Coachtube

Another Coach who has numerous videos on CoachTube is my friend Lason Perkins. I would definitely check out what he has to offer. He does lots of stuff with European and International Basketball. Lason was also a guest on an Online Basketball Clinic we did a few years back at our Online basketball Clinics website.

That’s about all for now.  I will share more news about CoachTube in the next few days.

20 10, 2016

Youth Basketball Guidelines-NBA and USA Basketball

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There are some new Youth Basketball Guidelines just recently announced. This is great news. Make sure you read about Youth Basketball on our site right here.

Youth Basketball

The NBA and USA Basketball have partnered to develop guidelines designed to promote a positive and healthy youth basketball experience.

Check out the website here

The new guidelines will focuse on health and wellness of the young athlete, including the concept of “Player Segmentation”. Sports Specialization is also discussed and this writer is a big proponent of not specializing in sports too early.  See my other website www.youthinfitness.com for more details.

Their recommendation is to delay early sports specialization until at least age 14.

The 8 Youth Basketball Guidelines summary recommendations:

1. Promote personal engagement in youth basketball and other sports.

2. Youth sports should include both organized and informal, peer-led activities.

3. Youth should participate in a variety of sports.

4. Delay single-sport specialization in the sport of basketball until age 14 or older.

5. Ensure rest from organized basketball at least one day per week, and extended time away from organized basketball each year.

6. Limit high-density scheduling based on age-appropriate guidelines.

7. Further evaluation of basketball-specific neuromuscular injury prevention training program is warranted.

8. Parents and coaches should be educated regarding concepts of sport readiness and injury prevention.

I have to say this is a great thing and it is about time. It is hoped that the other major sports organizations will follow suit and adapt and promote these Youth Sports Guidelines.

Basketball is such a great sport and we don’t need to train kids like mini adults or mini professionals. Trust me. They need to have fun. They’ll work hard bud it can’t be boring for them. Keep them moving and running and they’ll be fine. Let them actually scrimmage and PLAY basketball.

We’d love to hear your comments below so please share your opinion. What have your experiences been while Coaching Youth Basketball? What do you think of these new Youth Basketball Guidelines?

Comment below.



19 10, 2016

International Basketball Denmark Style

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Exactly 5 years ago, in October 2011, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Denmark to visit a friend and former Simon Fraser University teammate, Craig Pedersen, at a school where he teaches and coaches in Nyborg. Craig is now the National Team Coach for Iceland. The school is called EVN which stands for Efterskolen ved Nyborg. It’s a unique concept in education.

My understanding of the Efterskolen concept is that in Denmark, in the 10th grade, students can choose to go to an Efterskolen. Wikipedia states: “The Efterskole (literally “afterschool”) is a unique Danish independent residential school for young people between the age of 14 to 18 years. … The schools are open to students from abroad.

Image result

Nyborg is a beautiful little town and Denmark is a beautiful country and I loved my short stay. I got to work at the EVN Basket Camp and took many photos and videos which I will share below. I stayed in one of the school dorms which was just steps from the gym and we ate in the school cafeteria and the food was amazing.




The coaching at the camp was great with all kinds of eager and enthusiastic young coaches and very experienced older coaches. The Camp was open to anyone and many kids came from all over Denmark to attend. EVN also has international students and there were 2 students from Canada plus others from different countries.

The players were so enthusiastic and really wanted to learn. It was so fun helping coach. I always try to learn from new coaches and at this camp I learned a lot and had fun in the process. Special thanks go out to all the staff at EVN, including Keld Schmidt, Soren Munk, Craig Pedersen, Geoff Kotila, Karen Kotila and all the people I met there. The people were so friendly and showed tremendous hospitality.

I also got the chance to watch a few Danish Professional games while there. Craig Pedersen and Geoff Kotila both coached different teams in the league. Craig coached the Svendborg Rabbits and Geoff coached Team Fog Naestved. I’ll post some video of the pro games below.

Coach Trevor Bligh from the EMCS Wolverines in Sooke, B.C. on EVN Basketball: “I know the basketball culture in sooke has benefited from their visits here every two years. My relationship with both Geof Kotila and Craig Pedersen has helped me personally in coaching technique and strategy. Our kids here in sooke have built great relationships over the past decade. Two of our students have attended Evn in the past. Quinn Yates and Erin Nielsen. Both have had the greatest of experiences in their year at Evn.

Naestved Warm-up

Referees discuss ejection

Nasetved game action

Player get ejected versus Bakken Bears

Here are some of the videos from the EVN Camp with some great warm up drills, passing drills as well as lay-up and footwork drills. Thanks to Bogdan Karaicic for many of these.

Spinning footwork warm up:

Proper landing technique:

Deep lunge stretches:

Fancy Lay-ups:

Dribble Moves:

Crazy Hop Lay-ups:

Mass Follow the Leader:

3 on 3 action:

Keld Schmidt behind the head, blinfolded shot PRANK:

Lastly, please enjoy a gallery of some of the photos I took while in Denmark.

15 10, 2016

Harlem Globetrotters

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I love the Harlem Globetrotters and on February 20th, 2015 I was very fortunate to head on down to the Save On Foods Memorial Arena in Victoria, B.C. to watch the Harlem Globetrotters play Live.

Huge thanks go out to Ruby Ramirez and Carl Pavlock of the Globetrotters Organization for helping me with tickets.

Check out a bunch of photos and videos below which I took on the night.

You must watch them Live!!

If you have never been to a Harlem Globetrotters game you have to see them live. Watching a video or just watching on TV is not the same. The sites, the sounds, the colours, it’s all amazing.

When I was a young kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old I was lucky enough to see the Harlem Globetrotters live in Vancouver at the Pacific Coliseum. What a great night. That was the beginning of my love for basketball.

On this night in Victoria I got to take my son and his friend to their first ever Harlem Globetrotters game.

They are so entertaining. They have all the old standard jokes but also all new gags and jokes with great music, break dancers, Globie the Macsot (whose costume was stolen the next day in Vancouver but then recovered). They even have a 4 Point shot!!

There is also some great basketball played too. I got to interview Bull Bullard before the game and I will post that interview when I get it uploaded.

Have a watch of some cool video I took at the game by going to my Playlist linked below.

Google Photos made a great video edit for me here.

Harlem Globetrotters Videos


15 10, 2016

International Sports Technology Association

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Notes from ISTA: Global Sports Technology Association

David Geddes
Founder, Partner, & Executive
Hello ISTA LinkedIn Group & Friends,

We just wanted a minute to tell you about our first meeting next year. ISTA is seeking league officials, federation coaches, and olympic technologists who want to support our international tech community. If you have not subscribed or requested your free membership, we cannot send you an invite. Only registered members will receive an invitation. If you are interested in finding more info about this meeting, we encourage you to register here: https://istassociation.wildapricot.org/

Also, why not sign up for free membership? You will be automatically entered to win a special offer from Dartfish www.dartfish.com Dartfish is one of our first partners. A neat offer to help motivate you!

Our membership drive is going well, we need a few more of you to show your support by subscribing – free membership and free newsletter. No credit card, really, it is “F-R-E-E”. Members make a profile, see others, and post in forums. We’re going to add features as the community grows.

Finally, If your technology business wants to work with ISTA, send us an email info@istassociation.com Thank you and Have a good night from Atlanta!

Regards, Victor, Tino, and David.

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