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This purpose of this page is to continually bring you a basketball workout plan from different coaches and players from around the world. It is always nice to try out different workouts so that you don't get stale and bored with your training.

A good, solid basketball workout plan is essential for success on the court. The key word is "Plan". You must have a plan. We will do our best to bring you the best of the best coaches and players from around the world to give you a Workout Plan that fits your needs. Stay tuned to this page.

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One of the best basketball sites I have come across recently is the "Let It Fly" Development site from Australia. Peter Lonergan is the founder of "Let It Fly" and he has a great Basketball Workout Plan page, among other great features. He has individual and small group workouts, specifically the Spin out series basketball shooting workout, the Shooting the contested shot, 100 shot workout to improve shooting accuracy and focus, the 40 minute basketball workout plan for perimeter players and a 50 minute guard workout-ball handling and individual offense. Unfortunately Peter's website is no longer online.

If you are looking for awesome Vertical Jump training programs and who isn't, then we have 2 of the best for you. It is so important these days to be a good leaper. Some athletes are blessed with the jumping genes but most are not.

It requires hard work and a good program to follow. Did I mention hard work. Don't be left behind because you did not have the right program. Click below for 4 of the finest vertical jumping programs we have researched. Decide for yourself which one you like the best.

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Jump Manual

Share your Basketball Workouts with the Planet.

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Basketball Workouts from around the Planet

Click below to see basketball workouts from other parts of the world.

30 week Full work out (guard) 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday= Weeks 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29 4 sets of 12 bicep curls 4 sets of 12 tricep raises 4 sets of 12 chin …

Point Guard Basketball Workout Plan 
I do this every day. 30 sit-ups. 40 pushups. 4 laps around the track dribbling with left and right hand from 4 to 6 pm. Just a little workout …

Sand Cones Conditioning and Basketball Workout Plan 
I have found that there are many ways to get conditioned for a basketball season, but it wasn't till my junior year that I had been overlooking a great …

Make Your Shot Automatic! 
Most basketball players want to improve their shooting. That is good, but to reach your basketball shooting goals takes daily, specific, measurable goal …

Sean's Workout 
2hrs shooting 1:30 weights 60min sprints/plyos/ladders/hills/stairs/jumprope 45min yoga/stretching 6 days per week

basketball workout 
Here i my basketball Workout for you. PART 1 5 cone Shooting- All makes 50 spot ups 50 quick release jumpers 25 sweep-through quick pull-ups …

basketball rebounding strength 
I tried this, it really works and you see instant results to help you with basketball rebounding. You honestly do not need any super expensive work …

The Carolina Flames Workout Not rated yet
Ball Handling Cones- 2 times starting with right hand, 2 times starting with left hand -between the legs, behind the back -at the end either shoot a …

Summer Workout On-Court (Shooting/Light Dribbling) Not rated yet
Basic Stretches Across Baseline - Butt kicks, high knees, leg swings, jump skips, kareoke, back pedals Full Court - Jog, Sprint, jog right hand dribble, …

lc you know  Not rated yet
2 minutue wall sits (5 sets) 25 long and short feild goals 15 3's 13 second sprints (10 sets) 15 pushups 25 situps

Wet basketball workout Not rated yet
30 push ups,30 sit ups,make 20 shots,dribble around track 2 times(left and right hand)15 lay ups(left and right)15 free throws made.

I Call It...Insanity! Not rated yet
It's not my workout, of course, but it's a workout from the guys at Beachbody, who also have put out P90X . I've been doing Insanity for 2 months now. …

Basketball Strength Training Workout Plan Not rated yet
I like this workout plan: http://www.weighttraining.com/workout-plans/basketball-strength-training-workout-plan (I may try the Kobe Bryant Workout …

point guard skill workout Not rated yet
shoot around 10min freethrows 20reps pullup jumpers at the elbow (each side)30reps first step drives to the basket 30reps …

My Workout Not rated yet
Jog around street for 30 minutes Strech for 15 minutes Shootaround for 30 minutes 20 Sit-Ups Sprint(Suicides)for 20 minutes Rebounding(keep throwing …

hardwork an everyday thing Not rated yet
25 pushups 25 curl-ups 25 situps 4 sets of them

basketball workout ( for kids) Not rated yet
1. shoot around for one hour. 2. run around the whole neighborhood(at least 1 hour) 3. practice jumping(I look at the roof in my house and try to reach …

my superstar workout Not rated yet
i play 21 with friends. i shoot until i get tired. i jump to improve my vertical jump. i lift weights. i watch instructional videos so i can get better. …

Coach Louis Handy's Varsity High School Practice Workout Plan Not rated yet
Pre-Practice shooting jump shots for 3min Pre-Practice jump roping for 3min on left and right leg Pre-Practice wall sits for 5min Pre-Practice dribbling …

20layups (right and left) 4 sets of 25 form shooting drill 50 freethrows 20 jumpshot(right and left) figure 8 drilling drill for 1 minute two ball …

Kbs basketball development drill Not rated yet
Warm up-run around the track 4 times -stretches for 2 minutes 1-fifty up close jumpshots to get your form perfect(made) 2-twenty shots …

Summer Workout Not rated yet
Start off with figure 8. 50 sit ups 50 push ups 2 ball dribbling up and down court, zig zags, (between the legs, and behind the back) make 50 shots …

MY WORKOUT!!! DRILLS Not rated yet
Figure 8- Put 2 cones down, 1 on each side of the free throw line. Then you catch and shoot pivoting on your inside foot. After you shoot that you figure …

Welcome to VARSITY BASKETBALL Not rated yet
2 ball dribbling(all out sprint full court)-10 mins. 2 ball dribbling(zig zag full speed,full court)-10 mins. full court attack (full speed,pull …

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Vertical Jump for Basketball Not rated yet
This is an 8 week long Program. You will workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. calf raises: 5 sets of 35 squats: 5 sets of 40 ab crunch: 5 …

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Please enjoy another great basketball workout plan brought to by Tom Nordland of "Swish". Tom is one of the best shooting coaches I have ever come across. I have included my testimonial to Tom after simply reading his free information on his website. Here is my testimonial:

" Hi Tom. I just wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with your teaching of shooting. I have played basketball for over 30 years up to the University level. I have coached at all levels and have never been exposed to such a simple yet effective method of shooting instruction.

To test it out I took to the courts. My shooting improved dramatically. I was a great shooter in High School but in University I became a "defensive specialist" and lost my shooting confidence as well as my technique. I have struggled for years to get it back, mostly by fiddling around trying to alter something here or there.

Over 2 sessions using "awareness" and a few minor changes you suggest I would almost declare it a miracle. As you say, swish after swish. It was amazing to get that "feeling" back. I can't wait to play pick up to see how I do in a game situation. This will forever alter how I teach shooting and I haven't even seen your video yet (which I did purchase).

The other great thing was that I taught the technique to 2 young kids who were shooting at the same courts as me. Their improvement was both sudden and also dramatic in a very short time. I found it hard to be "neutral" though but I did my best. As you can tell I am amazed. What a paradigm shift in teaching shooting!

If I could set it up would you be interested in coming to Vancouver (Canada) to do a shooting clinic. I'm sure we could get a huge turnout. Please let me know your schedule and if you would be interested. I would love to learn your methods in person and learn a new basketball workout plan.

Thanks Tom for your time.

Take care,


There you have it. I'll first include Tom's Biography before I give you his basketball workout plan.

If you are interested in staying on top of your game and want to keep informed about the latest happenings in the world of Hoops then subsribe to our "As The Planet Hoops" Basketball Newsletter below.

Basketball Background of Tom Nordland

September 2005

Tom grew up in Minnesota playing many sports and has been involved in athletics all his life. He became a high school basketball star and is considered one the best shooters ever to come out of that state. In 1957 he led Minneapolis Roosevelt to its second straight Minnesota State High School Championship and was named All State and a scholastic All-American. He set a free throw record in the State Tournament championship game (19 of 20 in one game) that still stands 48 years later. He attended Stanford University on a basketball scholarship.

Fifteen years ago, at the age of 50, he re-discovered what he learned as a teenager that made him such a great "pure" shooter? Simple and powerful stuff anyone can learn. Since those discoveries, Tom has researched shooting and perfected his coaching of the skill. In early1997 he produced a 51 minute video on shooting called "Swish ? A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting," now available in DVD format with an extra six minutes of shooting clips added. The DVD and video are getting raves and complimentary testimony from more and more players and coaches around the world.

He’s working now on a sequel to Swish to be called Swish II. It will take the method to a deeper level and teach people further how to learn and coach shooting with this powerful approach. A Coach for all levels, Tom has worked with all levels, from grade school and middle school to high school and college levels, as well as with NBA players. Tom has found that everyone needs the same basic instruction. And, what he teaches is not new. It’s how the greatest shooters have always shot.

Articles about Tom’s coaching have appeared in the Indianapolis Star/News, The Christian Science Monitor, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Oakland Tribune and The San Francisco Chronicle. He’s been interviewed on ESPN Radio and other sports radio talk shows. His Method Reveals the"Secrets" of Great Shooting. Tom’s Swish Method reveals how to learn and coach great shooting.

Though fundamentals are important and are addressed, the emphasis is on the "Flight of the Ball." The player is taught how to control body movement and power such that ball flight is Accurate, Consistent and Repeatable! Great shooters’ shots are always around the rim. They rarely have a bad day. Tom’s method shows how to achieve this kind of control with an effortless, high arching and repeat-able shot motion. This is the answer to today’s need in the game of basketball for a method that really works and doesn’t take thousands of hours to learn.

Visit his website for extensive information on Tom and his method, including remarkable endorsements and testimonials, video clips, articles and background information, and his free monthly Shooting Newsletter subscribed to by 4,000 people worldwide with 76 issuesarchived there.

Shooting Clinics

Tom puts on shooting clinics across the country, "Empowering players to practice," as he puts it. He teaches players of all levels that great shooting is not that difficult and that anyone can learn the skill to a fairly high level of proficiency, and mastery is available to those whoapply themselves to the simple method. The key is in the "practice," and Tom shows people how to do that -- what to practice and how to do it.... how to coach themselves, and develop a basketball workout plan, the only way it’s really going to work.

Top Endorsements of Tom’s Coaching

Bill Sharman, Boston Celtic legend
Pete Newell, Sr., legendary Olympic coach
Jim Barnett, former NBA player, TV analyst
Scott Ostler, syndicated sports writer
Stan Morrison, long time collegiate coach, now AD at the Univ. of California, Riverside

Wow, pretty impressive background. Please take time to read one of Tom's Articles that you can put in your basketball workout plan folder.

Stay tuned for a basketball workout plan from a top player and coach from the Professional ranks of Europe and Australasia, coming soon.
Enjoy and Thanks very much for visiting.

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